Install HDP & Ambari – Linux Amazon AMI

Install HDP & Ambari – Linux Amazon AMI

In this tutorial, we will do a step by step installation of Hortonworks on AWS EC2 linux machines.

We will have one master and one data node in this cluster, the operating system is : Amazon Linux AMI


Check minimum requirements here,

Check the FQDN : hostname -f

Check Descriptors :

ulimit -Sn

ulimit -Hn

If the output is not greater than 10000, run the following command to set it to a suitable default:

ulimit -n 10000

Deactivate IP tables service ( even after restarting )

iptables -L or service iptables status

to stop it : service iptables stop

chkconfig iptables off

create passwordless connection between master and slaves :

ssh-keygen ( on the master )

( /root/.ssh/id_rsa) )

put the two files under root on the host

on the datanode : cat >> authorized_keys

on the master : chkconfig ntpd on

Check every node with the following :

hostname -f; sestatus; service iptables status; cat /etc/hosts;

Apache server :

install httpd on the server

sudo yum install httpd

chkconfig httpd on



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